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          Concord Law School
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          We’re committed to providing our students with a world-class online law degree at a fraction of the cost of traditional law schools.

          Concord Law School at Purdue Global delivers intellectually rigorous programs that prepare students to effectively advocate, make a positive impact on society, and transform their careers. Our online curriculum allows them the opportunity to attend law school while balancing their responsibilities at home, at work, or in the military.

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          Train to become a California-licensed attorney. After meeting State Bar requirements, you can represent clients in court, lead depositions, negotiate settlements, and petition to practice in federal court.*


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          Earn your doctorate in law without the regulatory hurdles of a Juris Doctor degree. Build your legal expertise through concentrations in business, education, health, and technology.

          Learn About Our EJD Degree
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          Our overall JD cost is far below the average ABA-accredited law school.
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          We deliver a rigorous, interactive, and relevant legal education completely within a distance-learning environment.


          We are the nation's first fully online law school, now part of the respected Purdue University system.

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          Dean Martin Pritikin
          Concord Law School Overview

          Overview of Concord Law School at Purdue University Global, the first fully online law school in the nation.

          Distinguished Speaker Series: The Battle to Recover Stolen Holocaust-Era Artwork

          Join us June 19 for our speaker series on the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery (HEAR) Act, featuring law partner Mary-Christine Sungaila, art specialist Lawrence H. Kaye, and Dean Martin Pritikin of Concord Law School.

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          Concord-Led Project Wins Award for Expanding Access to Justice

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          Upcoming Start Date

          Concord offers 3 start dates per year. Each term is 24 weeks.

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          Concord Marks 20th Anniversary

          Concord Law School is celebrating 20 years since it opened its virtual doors in 1998.

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          Kasey Shah

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          Kasey Shah, JD, 2014

          California Licensed Attorney, Technology

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          Althea Halchuck

          Having my law degree helps me with credibility among lawyers who are typically the people that hire mediators.


          Althea Halchuck, EJD, 2012

          Medical Mediator

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          I feel very fortunate that Concord has given me the wherewithal to give back to people. And I can actually make a difference and use all the things—all the fortunate circumstances I have—to better other people's lives.


          Pat Wilson, JD, 2013

          California Licensed Attorney, Focus on Equine Law

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            Notes and Conditions - Please Read

          *Concord Law School is part of Purdue University Global, which is regionally accredited. Concord Law School is registered as a Distance Learning Law School with the Committee of Bar Examiners of the State Bar of California. Due to its registration as an unaccredited law school with the Committee of Bar Examiners, Concord has the authority to offer a Juris Doctor degree that qualifies recipients to take the California Bar Examination and obtain admission to the practice of law in California. Study at, or graduation from, Concord does not qualify graduates to take the bar examination or satisfy the requirements for admission to practice law in jurisdictions other than California upon graduation. A student intending to seek admission to practice law in a jurisdiction other than California should contact the admitting authority in that jurisdiction for information regarding the legal education requirements in that jurisdiction for admission to the practice of law.

          Concord is not on the list of schools approved by the American Bar Association. The ABA Standards for the Approval of Law Schools currently do not allow for JD programs that are delivered fully or substantially online.

          †Based on a comparison of the costs of a legal education at ABA-accredited schools to the costs of earning a JD degree at Concord Law School in the 2017–2018 academic year. Calculation uses average tuition for ABA nonresident full-time students for a 3-year period. Concord Law School’s Juris Doctor is a part-time 4-year program, which equates to 3 years of full-time study. Source: American Bar Association, www.abarequireddisclosures.org.

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